Microsoft Windows XP Home SP2 32-Bit Full Version OEM

Microsoft Windows XP Home SP2 32-Bit Full Version OEM Maximize

Microsoft Windows XP Home SP2 32-Bit Full Version OEM

Price: $59.95

Product Details

Purchase (as pictured above) includes factory sealed folder with Microsoft Windows XP Home SP2 OEM on CD, User Guide, COA (certificate of authenticity), Unregistered Product Key Code.
This software is the full version and NOT an upgrade.
This product is brand new, factory sealed and never registered.
Microsoft original OEM software.
True OEM and not branded such as for Dell, HP etc...
May legally be installed on any PC.


Lifetime warranty and tech support.


Built on new Windows engine - With Windows XP Home Edition, Microsoft has merged the best features of its consumer operating systems with the power, security, and reliability of the Windows 2000 engine to create a new friendlier, more dependable operating system. 


Windows XP boasted a plethora of new features not present in its predecessors Windows ME, Windows 98 and Windows 95. These included the ability for the operating system to load faster on initial startup, the ability to quickly and easily uninstall a device driver and replace it with an older version, and a Microsoft proclaimed more user-friendly layout.

Features Not Present
There are a number of useful features not included in Windows XP Home Edition. These features are only present in the Professional Edition of Windows XP. Home Edition does not include a remote desktop server, which gives you the ability to control your computer from another computer at a remote location. Another feature not included is the ability to store copies of files shared on a network at times when the network is unavailable, allowing you to be able to access these files no matter what.

Windows XP Home Edition combines the most popular, secure features from older versions of Windows into a completely new operating system. Microsoft boasts that Windows XP Home Edition combines power with security with reliability. Windows XP Home Edition also runs a utility called "Windows File Protection," which prevents core system files from accidentally being altered in any way.

System Requirements

In order for a computer to successfully run Windows XP Home Edition, it must meet minimum system requirements. The computer must have a 233 MHz processor (or faster), 64 MB of RAM, 1.5 GB of free hard drive space, video card that supports at the very least a resolution of 800 pixels by 600 pixels, and a CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive.