Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2 32-Bit Full Version OEM

Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2 32-Bit Full Version OEM Maximize

Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2 32-Bit Full Version OEM

Price: $59.95


Product Details

Purchase (as pictured above) includes factory sealed folder with Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP2 on CD, User Guide, COA (certificate of authenticity), Unregistered Product Key Code.
This software is the full version and NOT an upgrade.
This product is brand new, factory sealed and never registered.
Microsoft original OEM software.
True OEM and not branded such as for Dell, HP etc...
May legally be installed on any PC.

Note: Should we be out of SP2, we will ship an earlier version and include the SP3 update on a separate CD


Lifetime warranty and tech support.


Microsoft Windows XP Professional is the next version of the Windows operating system, which is designed for businesses of all sizes, and for individuals who demand the most from their computing experience. Windows XP Professional goes beyond the benefits of Windows XP Home Edition with advanced capabilities designed specifically to optimize productivity using the latest advancements in the digital world.

Built on the solid foundation of Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional provides improved reliability, security, performance and ease of use, setting the new standard in efficient and dependable computing. Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) provides an enhanced security infrastructure that defends against viruses, worms, and hackers, along with increased manageability and control for IT professionals and an improved experience for users.


Remote Desktop
Remotely access your Windows XP Professional PC, from another Windows PC, so you can work with all of your data and applications while away from your office.
Offline Files and Folders
Access to files & folders on a network share when disconnected from the server.
Scalable processor support
Up to two-way multi-processor support.
Encrypting File System
Protects sensitive data in files that are stored on disk using the NTFS file system.
Access Control
Restrict access to selected files, applications, and other resources.
Centralized Administration
Join Windows XP Professional systems to a Windows Server domain to take advantage of the full range of powerful management and security tools.
Group Policy
Simplifies the administration of groups of users or computers.
Software Installation and Maintenance
Automatically install, configure, repair, or remove software applications.
Roaming User Profiles
Access to all your documents and settings no matter where you log on.
Remote Installation Service (RIS)
Support for remote operating system installations where desktops can be installed across the network.
Multi-lingual User Interface (MUI) add-on
Change the user interface language to get localized dialog boxes, menus, help files, dictionaries, and proofing tools etc.

System Requirements

In order for a computer to successfully run Windows XP Professional, it must meet minimum system requirements. The computer must have a 233 MHz processor (or faster), 64 MB of RAM, 1.5 GB of free hard drive space, video card that supports at the very least a resolution of 800 pixels by 600 pixels, and a CD/DVD/Bluray drive.