Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Shipping
    How long does it take for my order to ship?

    All orders ship no later than two business days.  However, we do our best to ship all orders the same day if placed before 10am PST.  When selecting a shipping method, please assume that your order will ship on the 2nd business day.  Using this method will result in meeting your expected arrival date.  Please see the example below.

    You expect to place an online order Thursday 2pm PST.  Such an order would ship no later than two business days (Monday).  Please select your shipping method based on our two business day shipping policy and your expected delivery date.

  • Shipping
    What carrier and service is used with your free shipping?

    We offer free shipping on all orders.  Our free shipping option includes USPS 1st Class.  Faster shipping options such as USPS 2nd Day Priority and USPS Express Overnight are available at customer's expense.

  • Warranty
    What is the length of warranty for CPUs sold by Digiconcepts?
    All CPUs sold by Digiconcepts includes a lifetime warranty.  The warranty is provided to the original purchaser.  Warranty covers all CPUs that fail to function under normal operating conditions defined by the manufacturer.  CPUs failure due to physical damage or overclocking are not covered under the lifetime warranty program.