About Digiconcepts

Founded in 1994, Digiconcepts is a family owned and operated company providing computer hardware and software.

With 12 years of combined college education and 6 years of marriage, I believed we had the foundation required to embark on a business adventure. Being computer fanatics, our ideal company would not only sell computer hardware and software, but be recognized as a business with:

An extraordinary friendly atmosphere.
Exceptional customer support.
Competitive industry pricing.

With these key factors in mind, we opened Digiconcepts in June of 1994 in the small town of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

Shortly thereafter, we expanded Digiconcepts' reach by creating one of the Internet's first ecommerce web sites. Digiconcepts could now offer its products nationwide. As 1994 came to an end, Digiconcepts had surprisingly met our sales expectations.

However, one BIG concern remained. The big boys of the industry had yet to make their presence known on the Internet. How long could our small family-owned company compete with these giants? As the giants rolled in one by one we soon felt discouraged trying to price match and compete against such large companies. If our company was to survive, something drastic had to be done and quickly.

It was at this point when I realized that we had no choice but to move our company from Idaho to Southern California. We knew such a move could help us in the following ways:

We could develop strong business relations with local manufacturers and distributors.
We could obtain all our products from local manufacturers and distributors.
No need to have our products shipped to us, greatly reducing our overhead.

Growing up in the Northwest, our local media portrays Southern California as a land of gangs, criminals, and every other negative distinction they can throw onto the fire. Keep in mind, I was very young at this point with my family in each ear questioning my sanity and expressing doubt. I will not say for one moment that I was not nervous and scared prior to moving to Southern California. I was!

On March 4th, 1995 the journey South began filled with anticipation and hope. We ended up planting our roots in Chino Hills, CA. This location was tucked away surrounded by beautiful bright green hills and sunshine everyday. Chino Hills is located within 30 minutes of all the computer industry's manufacturers and distributors. I would spend the next year developing strong business relations with local manufacturers and distributors. With these new relationships and lower overhead, we soon found ourselves capable of price matching the big boys.

As 1995 came to a close, we could somewhat begin to relax knowing that we established a new place to live followed by our company doing well. However, there is one big surprise around the corner that would make the term relax a foreign activity.

In our early 20s, we decided it was time to make a family of two a family of three. On December 24th, 1996 our daughter was born. I could easily write a book about all the wonderful things a child brings to your life. This is a story about Digiconcepts so I will move on :)

Six years would pass with family and company still on track. It was at this point I began to realize that yet another big change had to happen. With all our family located in the Northwest, our daughter had limited amounts of time to spend with them. Also keep in mind that half our family members are terrified of flying. Realizing how important it is for our daughter to have more time with her family, We decided to move back to the Northwest.

On a bright sunny summer day in 2002, we jumped into our weighed down U-Haul and set forth North to Seattle. This was a very difficult move because not only were we up-rooting our family but also our business. I will say this, relocating your family is nothing compared to relocating a company. What a nightmare!

To this day we continue to operate Digiconcepts and it still remains a family owned and operated company. Being older and more mature our priorities have changed greatly from the time we began this journey decades ago. When young, I dreamed of owning a large successful company that would provide us the life people dream of. Today family and quality time is the most important aspect of life. Most find it surprising when I explain that we are not interested in growing Digiconcepts into a larger company.

At this point in our lives we embrace the small family business model. Sure this model doesn’t bring in the money most owners would like to see but again that is not important to us. One thing I have learned through the years running our company. When the company would grow, it would do so at the expense of our family. Owning and running a large company is not only more stressing but leaves you with less quality time to spend with your family. I will not be surprised if I find myself still answering all your emails and phone calls from rocking chairs out on the porch. After spending our lives running Digiconcepts, it's all we know how to do and we will continue to do so knowing how blessed we are.

I cannot finish this without giving attention to a question I am consistently asked. Since founding Digiconcepts, the industry has seen electronics companies drop like dominos such as Circuit City and the list goes on. The industry now finds itself with only a handful of large companies offering computer hardware and software. What do you attribute to Digiconcepts still being in business after all these years?

Listen, it's not rocket science. A company's survival and success is built on the backs of its customers. Customers are not a number or some invisible element that puts money into your pocket. Customers are not to be ignored because upper management or owners have forgotten what got them there. We have survived because we treat every single customer no different than how we expect to be treated when we make a purchase.

As I have noted on the web site, our customers can expect nothing less than our 100% commitment to a stress free, positive buying experience. This unquestionable dedication is simply a result of our own personal buying experiences. At some point in our lives we have all experienced it. You walk out of a store saying to yourself, "I can't believe they treat their customers like that!" or a personal favorite of mine, "I can't believe they are willing to lose a customer vs. resolving an issue.

It's these types of frustrating experiences where I find myself saying, "I can't believe this! I would never treat our customers that way". I believe a substantial amount of these terrible experiences are a direct result of upper management keeping its distance from the people who are responsible for their success. I just find it very sad that companies grow on the backs of their customers only to later disregard their concerns regarding a purchase.

Our customers will NEVER experience these all too familiar circumstances. Additionally, our customers do not have to be concerned with an un-caring employee handling their issues. If a customer of ours has any issues what-so-ever, we will be responsible for turning that frown into a smile.

And last but most important, our customers are not customers. Our customers are family.

I hope you enjoyed my story and didn’t find it too boring.