Product Support

We at Digiconcepts believe customer support is more critical than the sale itself. We pride ourselves in the fact that no customer of Digiconcepts has received no less than exceptional support. Its this dedicated commitment we guarantee no customer shall go without. Digiconcepts provides technical support only to individuals who purchased products directly from Digiconcepts. Individuals who purchase products elsewhere must seek technical support from the vendor they purchased the product from or the manufacturer.

Before contacting Digiconcepts Tech Support, we recommend you first visit the product manufacturers web site for solutions. Often solutions are discovered by simply reading the product manufacturers tech support updates. If a solution cannot be found on the manufacture's web site, we then ask you to visit our customer built Frequently Asked Questions section.  If a solution cannot be determined using either of the before mentioned suggestions, you are more than welcome to request product support by emailing us at  However, we need your help in our efforts to battle SPAM.  We would greatly appreciate if you could submit your product support requests using your online Digiconcepts account.  Please follow the detailed steps outlined below:

Product Support Procedures

1.  Log into your Digiconcepts online account.

RMA Step 1

2.  Click on 'Order History'.

RMA Step 2

3.  Click on the 'Invoice Number' that contains the product requiring technical support.

RMA Step 3

4. Scroll down to the 'Customer Service' section of your invoice and complete the available form.

RMA Step 4

5.  Our response will be emailed and posted on your 'Message History' found on your invoice page.

-  Please allow up to one business day for a response to your technical support request.

RMA Step 5